2017 was the year of not blogging. For the first time since I started blogging in 1999 (!!!), I didn’t have a blog for (over) a whole year. A combination of my failing health, frustration with the “blogging scene”, and a continuing trend of deciding I don’t like something when I’m only a few tweaks away from finishing it caused me to throw in the towel for the year.

But I’m back, full of good intentions and a renewed creative spark.

So, what happened during my year-long blogging hiatus?! Let’s break it down by month, shall we?

2017 First Half
Photos from the First Half of 2017


  • Celebrated being in the Netherlands for one year.
  • Visited Eindhoven for the first time to buy roller derby gear.
  • Fell on my ass and hit my head in skates, possibly triggering this very long run of bad health.
  • Developed a case of gastritis that ended up going pro (chronic) and plaguing me for six months.


  • I bought a Fitbit which started my weight loss journey for the year!
  • My hip started playing up, leaving me bed-bound for most of the second half of February.
  • Started seeing a chiropractor.


  • … and saw him live for the first of three times this year (in Tilburg).
  • I went to Germany (Düsseldorf) to see Devilskin live for the second time.
  • We went to Disneyland Paris.


  • The husband turned 30.
  • Went mini golfing for the first time in the Netherlands (something we did a lot in NZ).
  • Found out that we had to leave our apartment in Wageningen.


  • I turned 30.
  • Spent a night in Rhenen & went to the zoo.
  • Developed some serious anxiety attached to my health.
  • Finished my temporary data entry job.
  • Found a new apartment in Ede.
  • Broke a molar and went to the dentist and only had to pay €30!


  • Saw Rotting Christ live for the second time (in Arnhem).
  • Moved to our new apartment in Ede.
  • Bought a new computer after my laptop died.
2017 First Half
Photos from the Second Half of 2017


  • Celebrated our 10 year relationship anniversary.
  • Saw Devin Townsend live for the second of three times this year (in Eindhoven).
  • Had an endoscopy to find out what was up with my tummo (nothing, apparently).


  • Finally got around to having a housewarming party.
  • Celebrated the 1st ‘Gotcha Day’ for two of our four rats.


  • Celebrated the 1st ‘Gotcha Day’ for the other two of our four rats.
  • Visited Bulgaria.
  • Saw Devin Townsend live for the third of three times in 2017 (in Bulgaria)!


  • Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.
  • Took a short trip to Amsterdam.
  • Saw Stam1na live for the first time!


  • Sam’s brother, Henry, came to stay (for more than a month).
  • That’s apparently all that happened in November.


  • Went to the zoo in Arnhem.
  • Went for our first ever walk in a blizzard!
  • Visited Nijmegen for the first time.
  • Spent Christmas with an extra family member this year!

And those were the highlights and lowlights of 2017. Here’s to well-balanced 2018, and more blogging!

 1st January 2018


  1. Sounds like you had an exciting 2017! I just Googled the town you live in now. There are lot of notable swimmers and footballers from there!

    Are you still doing durby? Or did January take you out totally? I’m unsure if I ever told you, but my dad has the same thing you have. Pretty weird to see him go from a physically fit guy who works on cars all the time to someone who gets stuck on the couch (or sometimes can’t even make it that far!). So while I cannot relate to the pain you go through, I understand how much it sucks. 🙁 Do they have better health care over there though? 30Euros for a dentist is damn cheap! That’s how much I’m about to spend on a doctor (well, $45, $5 off NZD!). Are you a citizen over there? Or does everyone get that discount? It’s massive and I’m totally jelly!

    1. It took me out totally. Pain has been quite bad, and I have a whole bunch of neurological stuff going on too so it’s not safe for me to skate at the moment. Hopefully I will get it all seen to soon and get back on the skates!

      The healthcare system here is one of the best in the world, even though they still struggle with my particular health issues. They have a combination of state funding and mandatory insurance, so my dentist was almost fully covered by insurance. I’m only a resident, not a citizen. Anyone with insurance (with dental) gets that discount.

      GP visits are fully covered by insurance, but you pay an excess for the hospital up to a certain amount (so basically, the opposite to NZ).

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