Hi. I’m Darnielle Sarjant, and like my name, I’m just a little bit unusual…

Sam & I
Snow weirdo!
I’m an ambivert who can never get the same result on a personality test twice. I’m a metalhead with an undying love of pop music and a fondness for gangsta rap. My favourite colour is rainbow, but I’m almost always dressed in black. I’m a potty-mouth with a fairly extensive vocabulary. I regularly have a caffeinated beverage right before nap time. I’m annoyingly charming. Maybe. Probably not.

I’m a 30-year-old New Zealander living in the Netherlands with my husband, Sam. He’s also a New Zealander, in case you were hoping for a super romantic long distance love story complete with language barrier. The actual story, if you care to read it, can be found here. Despite being “dog people”, we share our home with a mischief of pet rats… which I guess also makes us “rat people”. Funny how that works!

Despite having a few qualifications in psychology, education and tikanga Māori for the end goal of working in the criminal justice field, my status as a spoonie makes regular employment a bit of a challenge. To combat this, I put my love of creating things and being somewhat handy with a computer to use by designing & building websites and dabbling in print design for planners.

Fast Facts
  • My name is pronounced DAH-nee-el SAH-dʒint.
  • My nicknames are Dal (del) and Nellie.
  • I’m of mostly British & Māori descent.
  • I’m a bogan.
  • English is my mother tongue.
  • Maar ik spreek ook Nederlands… kinda.
  • I’m an obnoxious Devin Townsend fangirl.
  • Harley Quinn is my homegirl.
  • I love the 90s & early 00s.
  • I’m an aspiring derby girl.
  • I’m politically unaligned & religiously null.
  • Taurus sun, Leo moon, Scorpio rising.
  • Chaotic good, INTP-T & Type 5… most of the time.
  • I’ve been blogging for almost two decades!
  • But wait, there’s more

Harlequimsy is my personal blog. I like to write about anything that tickles my fancy. The idea of niche blogging makes me uncomfortable, because I don’t really have a specific lifestyle or hobby I’m that passionate about. To be quite honest, I like blogging simply because I find running my fingers across a keyboard at speed to be very therapeutic.