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Everything associated with being human is covered here: day-to-day life, relationships, my pets, my home, work & money, eating, and so on.
I am a 90s kid and 00s teen, and I’ve reached that age when thinking wistfully about this isn’t totally abnormal. THROWBACK!
New Zealand
I am always and forever a Kiwi kid, even when I’ll have to denounce my citizenship when I become Dutch. All about my country of birth and nationality!
Despite being a total homebody, we travel and explore enough for me to dedicate a category to this subject. So here it is.
Goals & Self-Care
I’m on a mission to achieve a bunch of stuff despite my shortcomings, and share how I’m going about these achievements.
About Me
Not that many of the other categories aren’t already quite narcissistic, but here’s where I get real into myself.