If you would like to work with me, great! I offer a handful of services that might interest you. You could have your product or service featured through a sponsored post, review or giveaway, swap a guest post or two, get some custom print design for your planner, or hire me as a web designer & developer.

Harlequimsy is PR-friendly and I am open to writing sponsored posts about or reviews of your products and services, and/or hosting giveaways. I will only take sponsorships for products and services that are relevant to me and my readers, but the range of topics I cover is quite extensive so if you think you may have something I’d be interested it, feel free to drop me a line.

All sponsored posts and reviews will be published here on Harlequimsy and linked to via my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ profiles and my Tumblr blog.

I do not accept extra payment for positive reviews. All opinions will be 100% honest, but entirely negative reviews will not be published. I will contact your company directly if I dislike your product or service THAT much.

I request that the overall compensation for each sponsored post or review be $30USD. If the product or service is valued at less than $30USD, I ask that I also be compensated monetarily.

I ask that any giveaways I host here on Harlequimsy be open to readers worldwide, with postage covered by your company. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to enter a location-based giveaway!

Please be clear about the requirements you have for your post, review, or giveaway in your initial contact so I can make an informed decision on accepting the sponsorship.

Guest Posting

I offer two types of guest post.

If you are a fellow blogger and feel like we have something to contribute to each other’s blogs, I’m totally open to doing a post swap. Send me an e-mail with your ideas and I’ll get back to you!

If you are a brand or company and would like me to write something for your business blog, I am also open to this (with compensation, of course). However, I will not publish any content advertising a product or service not written by myself here on Harlequimsy. If you’re still interested, get in touch!

Custom Print Design for Planners

I run an Etsy shop that offers both pre-made and custom printables for planners. If you would like something custom-made, you can request a custom order via my Etsy shop, or if you’d prefer, you can send a quote request through my portfolio.

Web Design & Development

For any web design and/or development work, please refer to my portfolio. If you mention Harlequimsy when you request a quote or contact me via the portfolio, I will give you a ‘Friend of Harlequimsy’ discount on your quote.

What about advertising?

I do not offer regular advertising on Harlequimsy. This is why. If you have a blog and would like to see yourself linked on Harlequimsy, interact with me and you’ll likely find yourself on my blogroll. Don’t ask to be linked though. I’m not down with that!